Biennale 2018 - An Introduction

Taking a trip to Venice this year? If art or architecture pique your interests, the Venice Biennale Art Festival 2018 cannot be missed. A six month long festival with a variety of topics, it runs from May 26th until November 25th. Despite presenting an architectural focus, it also features elements such as dance, theatre, music and film. Curated by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, it’s aptly named FREESPACE. Constructed across 63 pavilions and using 71 contributing architects, FREESPACE solidifies itself as a consistent theme. It pushes the comfort zone of architecture far beyond objects or building to space for opportunities. Finally, it presents senses of freedom and the potential of creation, which knows no bounds.


Biennale Festival 2018

What to Expect from Biennale 2018

Focusing on a sense of innovation and creativity, these works develop from the Giardini Pubblici right through to the Arsenale. Similar locations can be visited on our Best of Venice tours. The festival divides the works into two separate and definitive sections: Close Encounter and The Practice of Teaching. Close Encounter presents works that mirror iconic buildings of the past, while The Practice of Teaching works have been developed as a part of the teaching practice. As a whole, the architectural element hones in on several elements, such as habitation, public infrastructural needs, the intelligence of the architects involved, and the bringing to life of forgotten historical buildings. The practice of teaching is a crucial element of these works, as it blends the process of building with a sense of global imagination.

Bringing together a multitude of creators from a wide variety of different countries, Biennale 2018 presents multiple types of architecture, such as model buildings, outdoor displays and museum-style installations. The Australian pavilion presented a stark white room with greenery coating the floor, while the Croatian pavilion displayed a rustic industrial style with a definitive spiked metal feature throughout. Only two of many distinctive examples, all 63 works present the architects’ personal interpretation of space, how it can be used, and how art and space can be seen, studied and understood as a result.

Venice Biennale Festival 2018

Key Dates at Biennale 2018

Despite placing importance on architecture, the festival provides insight and entertainment across a wide variety of sectors and audiences. The Dance segment runs from June 22nd until July 1st, with Theatre from July 20th to August 5th, and Music from September 28th until October 7th. The 75th Venice International Film Festival starts on August 29th right through until September 8th, and a new edition of the International Kids’ Carnival runs from February 3rd until the 11th.

Biennale Festival 2018, Venice

How to Get Tickets to Biennale 2018

Tickets for Biennale 2018 can be easily obtained from the ticket section of the La Biennale Di Venezia website. Opening hours for the architecture exhibition are 10AM to 6PM, Tuesday to Sunday. For a different way to experience Biennale 2018, there are also creative workshops available for families, in order to truly embody and learn from the festival as a whole. We also have multiple Venice tours available in order to fill out your trip!

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