Cool Weather Tours

Seine river

Summer is a great time to explore Europe. The weather is pleasant and fairly predictable, allowing you to plan your visit ahead of time without issues. The biggest challenge is navigating these large cities with many people that are literally foreign to you. The best way to enjoy the museums, monuments and other favorite sights across Europe is with a guide.

What you can do is book your tours before you start your trip with tour specialists who’ll do all the planning for you. You don’t have to wait in snaking queues and will be escorted away from the crowds with special access. Take a look at special tour packages from City Wonders at stunning locales across Europe.

Seine River Cruise and Special Access Eiffel Tower Tour with Summit Access

Starting out with the best, the tour of the Eiffel Tower along with a cruise in the Seine is probably a day’s work for most. But with guided tours, you can meet your tour guide at the beautiful Trocadero Plaza and walk straight into the tower with our special access. The tour will begin at the second level observation deck of the Eiffel Tower with an awe-inspiring view of the City of Lights.

Your guide, who will escort you with a small circle of fellow tourists, will offer you a complete tour of the tower and re-capture its poignant history. You’ll next move on to the summit to take in its breathtaking view of the city and spend some time there over lunch or just some champagne. You can complete your fun-filled day with a cruise along the Seine, also included in the tour package.


Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

When you are one of the 5 million tourists visiting the Roman Colosseum annually, you may find the experience more taxing than awe-inspiring. But picture this instead – a cool evening spent at the Colosseum exploring its intricate caves where once gladiators and animals prepared for their brutal shows. If you are traveling with kids, they’ll love to hear our guides re-telling the tales of what the Colosseum once stood for and what makes it one of most iconic sights today.

And it doesn’t end there, you can continue to learn all about Roman history at where it all began – the Palatine Hill.

Guaranteed Timed Entry: Buckingham Palace Tour with Changing of the Guard and Afternoon Tea

Yet another spectacular piece of European architecture, still steeped in historical practices to continue its rich heritage. But this tour doesn’t operate all year – it’s open for only two months out of the year. You can visit Buckingham Palace and see the ceremonial Changing of the Guard, followed by a taste of British culture with a traditional afternoon high tea.