Rome Catacombs Tours

Rome Catacombs Tours

Uncover the Mysteries Underground

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Descend through the layers of San Clemente Basilica, a church built on top 3 ancient churches

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Experience the original & best-selling Rome Catacombs tour

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Our Catacombs Experiences

Head below modern Rome’s streets to uncover the Eternal City’s most well-kept secrets. Your expert guide will take you through the winding catacombs, to the Capuchin ‘Bone Chapel’ and more on a fascinating journey of discovery that will turn your view of Rome upside down.

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Couple admiring the crypts and catacombs of Rome

Uncover the ancient secrets hidden beneath the surface of modern Rome, visiting the spectacular Capuchin ‘Bone Chapel’ and enjoy the thrill of our Exclusive After Hours Access, being alone in the Priscilla Catacombs, where early Christians buried their dead and practiced their forbidden faith.

2.5 h.
Skeletons in capuchin crypt

Take the private version of our Rome Crypts & Catacombs tour to journey down into the Eternal City's underground burial chambers, to the eerie Capuchin Crypt, and the layers of history below San Clemente church.

3.5 h.

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